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Spatial Audio for General Devices

Nowadays, as apple comes up with AirPods 3, spatial audio is much hot and everyone wants to try what’s spatial audio. Apple’s Logic pro can edit spatial audio in nice GUI, which is a huge support for making spatial audio.

Actually, spatial audio has come up earlier than Apple's AirPods pro. Sony's PS4 and PS5 both have spatial audio with their specifically designed earphone. However, both of these devices are expensive, and not everyone has them (I have neither). So I want to implement this spatial audio function with gyroscopes inside smartphones. The demo image of my idea is as follows:

Although it's not convenient to bind your phone on the top of your head, it can be widely used for everyone!

Here let’s check whether your phone supports gyroscope on the web:

If your browser is supported and you are using your phone now, let’s continue.

You should see the arrow below move as you move your phone.

Kiwi standing on oval

You can also check the logs below:

Waiting for start...

OK! It’s time to try the gyroscope-based spatial audio:

Spatial Audio for phones with gyroscope

BTW, we realized that wearing a mobile phone on top of your head is rather stupid, so we decide to make a new version with the camera.

You could use your front camera to measure the face direction. Though there is a defect: your head can not turn back (or the camera can not find your face). But this tool is cool! Try it and you will not be disappointed!

Spatial Audio for devices with camera
Bingcheng Hu, 2021.10.27
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